The Modern & Non Stuffy Wedding Toastmaster

Client Focused Approach Gives You
What You Want Without Any Unwanted Surprises

I'll Fully Manage Your Wedding

I’ll Be Your On-the-Day Wedding Planner/Organiser
I’ll Provide Entertainment For Your Guests Throughout the Day
& Give You Free 4K Wedding Video Footage


I Can Play A Range of Games With You And Your Guests, Including Kids. 

Free 4K Videography & Photography Back-Up

I’ll Give You Copyright Free Video Footage & I’ll Be Your Back-Up Photographer

Celebrity Endorsed

I’ve been endorsed by Deborah Meaden, Lord Coe, Gabby Logan & John Cleese. 

Wedding Toastmaster Intro – Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. It will take a lot of time and money to organise and (hopefully) you’ll only every have one of them, so it’s important to get it right. However no matter how much you prepare for your big day things which you didn’t expect can go wrong.

The manager of your venue could be having a bad day and let everything overrun. Your DJ or photographer may get stuck in traffic or a Wedding Toastmaster that you’ve hired could completely misjudge the style of your wedding and create an uncomfortable vibe for you and your guests.

I will make sure you have the wedding that you want. I’ll have a detailed consultation with you beforehand to get completely clear on how you want things to run, my varied experience which spans event management and business means I can run things behind the scene and deal with any emergencies if and when they arise.

Most importantly I’ll customise my style depending on what would best suit you and your wedding, from straight/traditional through to fun/quirky. My main aim with every client is always making sure they get the Wedding Toastmaster that they’re looking for while avoiding any unwanted surprises.

FREE 4K Footage & Photography Back-Up

Kevin takes cameras to every wedding and offers free, unedited 4K video footage & a back-up photo service if your photographer doesn’t arrive.


Kevin will keep you and your guests entertained with entertainment and games throughout the day. These can be played in small groups or in front of large audiences. 

Save Money

There’s no need to hire an on the day wedding planner, day-time entertainment or even a videographer (if you want something basic). Kevin will cover all of this for you. 


Kevin has managed weddings with 30 to 2,000 guests. His event management, wedding & corporate event experience allows him to easily keep things on time and to make sure the day runs smoothly.   

Wedding Toastmaster Entertainment

I have a strong background in TV presenting, comedy and entertainment. Aside from being a Wedding Toastmaster, I’m also a corporate Master of Ceremonies and I run an entertainment business, where I entertain crowds with popular game show formats (mainly for corporate clients – This means I can play a range of games with you and your guests throughout the day. I can play games with small groups of people to keep them entertained during your drinks reception or I can play games with all your guests inbetween courses during the meal, to make sure that your guests have a great time throughout the day. 

Entertaining Kids

I’m well experienced with keeping kids entertained, so that parents can relax and enjoy your wedding, without being hassled by their kids. I can make suggestions of things that can be put in place on the day and I can play games with them too. 

Read more about my wedding Toastmaster entertainment options by clicking here. 

Free 4K Wedding Video Footage

Because of the online comedy work that I do, I’ve invested in a high spec 4K video camera. I normally always bring the camera along with me and I’ve used it in a number of different ways at weddings that I’ve attended as a wedding Toastmaster. Here’s the main ways that I’ve used the camera at weddings. 

  • There have been some weddings where I’ve been constantly busy throughout the whole wedding and the camera just stayed in my car. 
  • There have been 4 weddings where the photography or videographer didn’t arrive, so I doubled as a back-up photographer/videographer, while still fulfilling my duties as a wedding toastmaster. 
  • When my clients haven’t hired a videographer, I’ve shot whatever I could, as long as it didn’t conflict with my duties as a wedding Toastmaster. 
  • At weddings where my clients have a videographer, I’ve doubled up with the videographer to film additional footage or to shoot things that me might not be focusing on (like a wedding video guest book for example). 

With whatever I shoot, I always pass on the full content, unlicenced (copyright free) and unedited. My clients are then completely free to do whatever they want with the footage (the footage can be transferred online for free via Google Docs).

Full On-The-Day Wedding Management

I previously ran an events company, which I sold in 2010. My experience as an events manager, corporate Master of Ceremonies and Wedding Toastmaster, means that I have experience with over 600 events (200+ weddings Toastmaster jobs, 220+ corporate event hosting jobs, 400+ events as manager). Having this experience not only qualifies me to manage everything at your wedding on the day, ensuring everything runs to time and goes to plan, but it also enables me to come up with and implement any out-of-the-box solutions if anything was to go wrong at your wedding.

In the run up to your wedding, we’ll have a detailed consultation to get clear on every aspect of your wedding, to make sure that your wedding is exactly how you want it to be, in the most stress-free and fun way possible.

Wedding Toastmaster Back-Up Plans

So let’s say your DJ doesn’t turn up in the evening, your caterers spoil the food, or your photographer/videographer doesn’t turn up, what’s the plan B? Answer, I am. I have back-up plans that cover the entertainment, catering and photography. I’ve doubled as a DJ when a DJ hasn’t arrived, I’ve sourced food for a whole wedding in under an hour when the caterers spoiled the food and I’ve been a back-up photographer/videographer, 3 times when they haven’t arrived and once when the photographer’s equipment failed. 

  • Mary Yvonne Veronica Harris

    I have seen Kevin in action, if ever I need his services I will be sure to get in touch with him.

  • Stephanie Anderson

    Kevin was our toastmaster for our wedding day and was absolutely incredible, the perfect mixture of relaxed, fun and professional.
    All the guests mentioned how great he was, he honestly helped us make the day run so smoothly and we really appreciate all his hard work, thank you so much Kevin x

  • Diane Beeching

    Kevin hosted our staff conference event this year which was fantastic. He brought an energy and enthusiasm with him and played a really important part in getting people engaged in the day. Thank you for all your help in making this a really memorable day for Golding.

  • Gabrielle Gant

    Kevin was the VIP host at our eCommerce conference Linn Academy on the 12th September. He lead Q&A sessions with our key business speakers including Deborah Meaden, Tamara Lohan and Jeremy Miller. He was very professional, versatile and looked after the guests to he highest standard. We will certainly be using Kevin again for future Linnworks conferences. Thanks Kevin!

  • Zowie Hagan

    Thank you Kevin for providing such a great service. You made sure everything ran smoothly and kept the guests happy. Couldn't have been happier, your help was very appreciated

  • Victoria Rowell

    Kevin was a fantastic Master of Ceremonies at our wedding in September. He was energetic and engaging and really helped the day go smoothly.
    Everybody commented on the games and entertainment, and his style was very fitting to our day.
    Most importantly Kevin helped not only keep our nerves in check, but also the nerves of our best men, providing a sounding board for last minute rehearsals.
    If you are in two minds on whether you need a Toastmaster you will not regret the decision.
    Thank you Kevin, Matt and I very much appreciate your hard work for our special day.

  • Victoria Haydon-Tabard

    Kevin was a fantastic Master of Ceremonies at our wedding in September. He was energetic and engaging and really helped the day go smoothly.
    Everybody commented on the games and entertainment, and his style was very fitting to our day.
    Most importantly Kevin helped not only keep our nerves in check, but also the nerves of our best men, providing a sounding board for last minute rehearsals.
    If you are in two minds on whether you need a Toastmaster you will not regret the decision.
    Thank you Kevin, Matt and I very much appreciate your hard work for our special day.

  • Holly Victoria Scarlett Carter

    Kevin was amazing!
    Kevin was a very last minute booking for our wedding - 24hr notice last minute booking but it was the best addition ever. Even with that short amount of preparation time, Kevin adapted to our wedding style, entertained the younger guests, interacted with all of our guests, kept myself and my husband calm and fed(he made sure that we didn't miss a canapé)!

    The best thing was...... after an overwhelming weekend full of love, appreciation and surprises... Kevin dropped one more surprise on us. I will not share this final surprise as I wouldn't want to ruin it for any of you who are looking to book his time. All I can say is... I wasn't expecting it at all and it was incredibly thoughtful.

    So thank you Kevin!

  • Nadine Clark

    Thank you Kevin, you really made a huge contribution to making our wedding day perfect. You smoothed out all our hiccups so professionally we cannot thank you enough.
    You were a breath of fresh air, you were everything we hoped for our toastmaster.
    If what you are looking for is a toastmaster that isn't too stuffy and over powering, young and professional Kevin is your man.
    I wish we could do it all again.
    Thank you Kevin

  • Ian Black
  • Emma Hallam

    Kevin was a great MC for our recent fundraising ball held in Nottingham for Alex's Wish, we was engaging and helped us to raise over £20K for our cause through our live and silent auction. He introduced games throughout the night which our guests loved. Thanks Kevin.

  • Shani Louise Turner

    We had Kevin as our toastmaster on our wedding day & he was absolutely amazing! The communication throughout the lead up to the wedding was great & our big day went smoothly thanks to Kevin! He interacted with our guests & even sent us video clips from some guests as an added bonus so that was lovely to watch back! Would definitely recommend - thanks so much Kevin!

  • Annie VH

    If you're looking for a Toastmaster, look no further - you've found the best one with Kevin Durham. Our renewal of vows ceremony and party wouldn't have been as fantastic as it was without him. He made everyone feel welcome from the minute they walked in, was enthusiastic about every aspect of the day (be it the ceremony, keeping the kids entertained or making sure everyone knew when to expect the food). He even surprised us afterwards by sending us videos made with our guests without us realising.

  • Charlotte Austin

    Kevin was amazing, the best money we spent on our wedding for sure.

    We didn't worry about a single thing because Kevin had it all in hand. He was professional, energetic and attentive for the entire day.

    Kevin kept our guests entertained, our photos on time, our music queued up and our day running perfectly.

    He was a hero & 2 months on our guests are STILL talking about him!!

    I would recommend him without hesitation!!!

  • Jo Merritt

    Kevin attended my Daughters Wedding on 29th July 2017, everyone commented how wonderful he was and did his job professionally and proficiently. I personally appreciated the fact that you came to me checking things were on schedule and ready for the next stage of the proceedings. The games I thought went down well, long enough but not too long. We couldn't have pulled it off without you and by having you there it enabled me to also enjoy the day more. Thank you so much and if I ever have the opportunity of recommending you or using you again I will certainly be in touch. Mother of the Bride.

  • Natalie Okolo

    Kevin was our toastmaster at our wedding, he was just amazing!!!! he made our day run so smoothly and we couldn’t of gotten through it without him. Our guests loved him and he really made the day come together. He had a real modern day approach to being a toastmaster which really suited our style for the wedding, Kevin really understood what we wanted for the day and how we wanted it to run, he was helpful and supportive to us both. He even made video clips of the ceremony and guest testimonials which was so lovely to of been sent the following day. We would highly recommend him and could not rate him as a toastmaster enough.

  • Hallam Emma

    Thank you Kevin, you were an excellent MC at our annual fundraising ball for Alex's Wish in Nottingham recently. You engaged our guests and helped us raise £20K profit from our event through our silent and live auction - helping us to conquer Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for all. Thanks for arriving super early so we could go through everything beforehand. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.

  • Charlotte Austin-Visser


  • Samantha Norgate

    Kevin was our MC and auctioneer for the night at our recent charity ball at Buxted Park Hotel and he was absolutely brilliant. He was totally professional throughout, but his sense of fun shone through. He really engaged with the crowd and helped us far exceed our fundraising target with a great table game and a lively auction. I would have no hesitation whatsover in recommending Kevin for any event. He was a real pleasure to work with.

What Does A Wedding Toastmaster Do At A Wedding? (Really)

I do a lot more than a standard Wedding Toastmaster that you might find online, so it’s important to get clear on what a standard Wedding Toastmaster does, in comparison to what I do. 

 What A Standard Wedding Toastmaster Does

Most standard wedding Toastmasters will do annoucements throughout the day (first dance, cake cutting, entrance into the wedding breakfast room etc), they’ll chat with your guests, giving them additional support if you or your guests need any help with anything then they’ll normally help out. They normally check that the venue has got everything prepared for when you walk into the room. 

Here’s the truth that standard wedding toastmasters don’t want you to know. Unless you’ve booked a venue which has never covered weddings before then the venue will cover virtually ALL of the organisational duties which are covered by a standard wedding Toastmaster. Unless the venue is understaffed or an emergency happens (which are extremely rare at weddings) and the venue urgently need an extra pair of hands, then your wedding Toastmaster will be standing around chatting with your guests and will occur as a very expensive and loud additional guest to your wedding. 

A standard wedding Toastmaster is normally a retired, old man or woman, who either have a background in the armed forced or some kind of customer service job. 


What I Do As A Wedding Toastmaster How Is that Different?

 I do everything that you’d expect from a standard wedding Toastmaster including annoucements throughout the day, checking the venue and supporting you and your guests if you or they need any additional support with anything, but I also do a lot more, which includes. 


  • Wedding Entertainment (adults & kids)
  • Free 4K Video Footage
  • Full On-The-Day Wedding Management
  • Back-Up Plans Covering Key Suppliers (photography, videography, catering & entertainment)

Read more about these points below. 

Business Experience

Kevin’s first company was an event management business which he sold in 2010, his second business was a photography agency which he sold in 2015, his third business was a property company called Ziphouse, which was sold in 2017 and his last business was a comedy publication called Comedy Feed (, which he sold in 2018. 

He is a published author on business and he regularly moderates business conferences. 

Kevin’s business experience (especially as an Event Manager) gives him a unique edge as a Wedding Toastmaster, enabling him to deal with any problems on the day quickly and effectively. 

Comedy & TV Experience

Kevin has a long track record of freelance TV presenting and comedy writing. He started off presenting on the red carpet interviewing A-list Hollywood talent, moving on from that he focused on 1-to-1 interviews with talent from the B-list to give him more freedom to play games with the talent and to ask the type of questions he wanted to ask. His freelance TV credits include Fox, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, Sky Movies and many more besides. 

As a comedy writing he’s currently working towards his first commission and in the last few years he’s had near misses with BBC, Comedy Central and Adult Swim. 

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