Unofficial Back Up Plan

Despite all of the best planning in the world things can still go wrong at your wedding. The most common problem is suppliers fail to arrive because of serious injury, traffic or because they’ve received another more lucrative booking at last minute.  

As a Toastmaster when you’re presented with a situation like this you have a choice. You can either accept the situation at hand or you can find a solution. Traditionally Toastmasters don’t offer support in these situations either because they feel that it’s not within their job description or that they don’t have the training to deal with it.

I know how to and I will deal with any and all emergencies that arise at your wedding. I ran an events management company for 4 years during which I oversaw the management of a range of events from small private parties to large corporate award functions. With this experience I’ll do everything I can to resolve difficult situations if they arise.



The DJ Saga
As a Toastmaster I attended a wedding where the DJ was stuck directly behind an accident that had occurred on the motorway. There was no way that the DJ was going to be able to get to the venue in any reasonable time period and the DJ had no back-up options in place. Rather than let the evening fizzle out into nothing I decided to stay for a few hours more and I gathered a few iPods that people had on them.

Using an aux cable I then plugged into the venue’s PA system and I became an unofficial DJ for the evening. As you can imagine mixing with iPods was pretty tricky and after a couple of hours the novelty wore off. I then decided to use the iPods as background music only and I played games with the guests to fill up the rest of the time. The bride and groom were more than pleased that I had managed to create an evening’s worth of entertainment from nothing, at short notice and I got a huge tip because of it :).

Dodgy fish
The caterers at one wedding I attended failed to put the fish in the refridgerator the night before and it went off. Rather than let everyone go hungry I hit the phone, calling around all of the local fish and chip shops. By working with three different fish and chips shops I organised food for 50 people within the hour.