Choose A Style That Works For You
No two wedding couples are the same, every couple and every wedding is completely different and needs to be treated as such. This is why I offer a range of different Toastmaster styles, these range from straight, traditional and intentional, through to fun, quirky and upbeat.
I’m also happy to mix my styles throughout the day or just go with the flow, judging what style suits the situation at hand. Below you’ll find an overview of my three main styles, I offer many more so if there’s something else that you’re looking for then feel free to get in touch.

Formal and Traditional

My formal and traditional style follows the guidelines that you would expect from any traditional Toastmaster and includes pre-wedding support, making announcements, making sure everything runs to plan, helping the photographer gather guests, introducing speeches, supporting people with last minute speech jitters and anything else I can do to make sure that the wedding runs smoothly.

Fun and Upbeat

My fun and upbeat Toastmaster style is the most entertaining approach that I offer. Unlike a lot of other Toastmasters, on request, I’m happy to break with tradition, play games with your guests, do a few small magic tricks for the kids and keep your guests entertained, while making sure your wedding day is organised and runs to plan.

Go With The Flow

The dynamic of a wedding can change depending on the personality of the guests or the general mood of the day. For example if the guests are loud and energetic then it may take a more humorous approach to have them follow instructions. That’s why with my ‘Go With The Flow’ style I judge the situation that I’m in and tailor my approach in the moment, keeping the guests engaged throughout.