My Experience

My experience includes over 250 Weddings as a Toastmaster, managing large corporate events as an event manager, event hosting, business, TV/Radio presenting and comedy.
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Wedding / Events Management

In 2006 I started an events management business, which I ran for four years until I sold it in 2010. Within the business I hired out DJs, bands, singers and managed several weddings as well as corporate events. My event management experience allows me to give full preparation and on-the-day support to my clients, ensuring that their special day runs smoothly.
Ahead of an event I’ll touch base with all of the suppliers attending and venue, making sure that everyone is clear on how the day is meant to unfold. If there’s anything that a supplier is unclear on I take it upon myself to make sure they get the information that they need. On the day I make sure that every supplier does what they say they’re going to do, by when they say they’re going to do it. I also offer guest support, from calming last minute nerves before giving a speech through to ordering a cab.

Other Experience


I’ve been writing comedy off and on for six years and through my production company I’m currently developing a few comedy program ideas. In 2016 I had meetings with Channel 5, BBC, ITV and I was offered an online series plus a TV pilot with Comedy Central UK.
On request I’m happy to draw upon my comedy experience to write well-structured gags for use in my business presentation and compère work. The tone of comedy can be tricky to judge for any event, which is always why I run through a set of questions with my clients to get clear on what type of comedy they’re looking for.

Event Host

A corporate events host and a Professional Toastmaster, although similar, are two different skill sets. Corporate events/functions often give you little time to prepare and each event normally requires a compère to take on a few different styles. You need to bring intentionally to make sure that you stick to the client’s timeline, while at the same time you need to be engaging to hold the audience’s attention.
By drawing on my event host experience I’m able to deal with any situation which arises, adapting my style depending on what’s happening at the event.

TV / Radio Presenting

I started presenting hospital radio in 2004 and moved across to community radio in 2007, finishing with local radio in 2008. I became a freelance TV presenter in 2010 and have presented pieces for the likes of Fox, HTC, Sony, Warner and Universal, travelling as far west as LA and as far east as Croatia. I’ve interviewed a host of A-list celebrities and many of my pieces available to view on YouTube.
My TV / Radio background gives me experience with thinking on my feet, adapting to unpredictable situations and committing important information to memory.

Business Speaker

By drawing on my experience as a business speaker I’m able to hold the attention of any room, in a way that’s engaging and entertaining, while delivering any message that my client wants me to deliver.