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Kevin has covered a range of different events including business conferences, award ceremonies, high profile Q&As, corporate parties, music festivals, store openings, family events, Christmas Light switch-on events, anniversary events and many more. 

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Business Experience

Kevin has built and sold three businesses in the past and is a published author on business. He sold his first business, an event management company, in the peak of the recession in 2010. His second business was a photography agency, his third business was a property company called Ziphouse and his forth business was a comedy publication called Comedy Feed. 

He’s a published author on business and can be found on the Amazon Kindle store. On occasion Kevin is approached for private business coaching, although is very selective with who he works with given his busy schedule. Kevin’s business experience enables him to address business conferences, summits, Q&As and other corporate events with ease.

Comedy & TV Experience

Kevin has had a side career as a TV presenter and comedy writer since 2010 and has attended intentional press trips for the likes of Fox, Universal and Warner Brothers, while also interviewing numerous A-list celebrities on the red carpet. Alongside his freelance TV presenting Kevin has worked on several comedy projects and after the promise of a commission he narrowly missed out his own show entitled ‘Comedians Doing Stuff’ with Comedy Central in 2016.

Since then Kevin has been interviewing and playing games with celebrities for a YouTube channel that he manages. In October 2018 Kevin did his first stand-up gig and moving forward he plans to hit the stand-up circuit.

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