Master of Ceremonies & Entertainer

Covering Award Ceremonies, Auctions, Business Conferences & Family Events

Auctioneer / Fundraiser

I’ll Smash Your Fund Raising Targets With My High Energy Interactive Approach

Keeping Your Guests Entertained

I Can Play A Range of Games With Your Guests

Live Q&As

I’ve Interviewed Hollywood Talent, CEOs and Business Leaders

Family Events

Including Christmas Light Switch On, Fireworks, Summer Fairs, Kids Award Ceremonies and Marathon Events. 

Celebrity Endorsed By

Deborah Meaden, Lord Coe, Gabby Logan and John Cleese

Hiring a Master of Ceremonies an event can be a daunting task. Some events are straight forward and you may just need someone who looks the part to read a few lines at the front. Most events, however, are more involved and you need to strike a fine balance with finding someone who can hold the listening of the room while keeping your audience engaged and delivering useful content.

Get this balance wrong and your guests may miss the point of the event, get bored or even leave the event early. The role of the Master of Ceremonies is key to holding the whole event together.

That’s why Kevin tailors his content depending on the type of event and the demographics of the audience. His background which spans business, comedy and entertainment enables him to deliver inspirational content, while keeping the audience engaged.

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I can play a range of games with your guests, making sure there’s no dull moments at your event

Fundraising / Auctioneer

With a high level of energy I encourage bidding wars with every auction, making them entertaining and maximising the amount raised.  

Awards Host

I’ll present your award ceremony in the style that you want, keeping it on time, professional and light hearted. 


Full on-the-day Event Management Support included in all of my Master of Ceremonies packages. 

Master of Ceremonies Testimonials

The Entertainer

Aside from my work as a Master of Ceremonies I also do work as a entertainer through my game show business This means I can play a range of games with your guests to keep them entertained. My games can be played in small groups, at tables or in front of large audiences. 

My games can be played as ice breakers to get people talking, for competitions, to help raise money or just for pure entertainment. Being clear on the demographics of the audience is key to choosing the best style of game for any event. For example, a game played with a mostly male audience in their 20s would be played completely differently for an audience with mostly women in their 50s.

The Auctioneer / Fundraiser

As a Master of Ceremonies I have a passion for fundraising and when it comes to charity auctions my high energy approach will maximize the amount raised and encourage bidding wars, making the event entertaining for everyone in the room.

Before the event, I’ll take the time to get clear on what the charity is about. During the auction I’ll link tangible value for the charity to every item, creating a feel-good factor to encourage bids. I’ll get clear on your targets for every item that will aim to exceed them all.  

Previously Covered Events

Kevin has covered a range of different events around the world over the past 10 years as a Master of Ceremonies. These include business conferences, award ceremonies, high profile Q&As, corporate parties, music festivals, store openings, family events, Christmas Light switch-on events, anniversary events and many more. He has been the Master of Ceremonies in venues as large as arenas, he has worked on stage alongside the likes of Deborah Meaden, John Cleese, Gaby Logan and Lord Coe his audience record is currently 85,000. Kevin has built a strong reputation over the years with his clients and his wide-ranging experience enables him to be the Master of Ceremonies at any event.

Business Experience

Kevin has built and sold four businesses in the past and is a published author on business. He sold his first business, an event management company, in the peak of the recession in 2010. His second business was a photography agency, his third business was a property company called Ziphouse and his forth business was a comedy publication called Comedy Feed.

He’s a published author on business and can be found on the Amazon Kindle store. On occasion, Kevin is approached for private business coaching, although he is very selective with who he works with given his busy schedule. Kevin’s business experience enables him to be the Master of Ceremonies at business conferences, summits, Q&As and other corporate events with ease.

Comedy & TV Experience

Kevin has had a side career as a TV presenter and comedy writer since 2010 and has attended intentional press trips for the likes of Fox, Universal, and Warner Brothers, while also interviewing numerous A-list celebrities on the red carpet. Alongside his freelance TV presenting Kevin has worked on several comedy projects and after the promise of a commission he narrowly missed out his own show entitled ‘Comedians Doing Stuff’ with Comedy Central in 2016.

 Since then Kevin has been interviewing and playing games with celebrities for a YouTube channel that he manages. it.

What Will A Master of Ceremonies Do At Your Event (Really)

I offer a lot more than a standard Master of Ceremonies, so it’s important to get clear on what I offer compared to a run-of-the-mill Master of Ceremonies.

What A Standard Master of Ceremonies Does

A standard Master of Ceremonies will make announcements throughout your event, announcing acts and speakers. He/she may even partly manage your event, helping you to keep things on time.

Here’s the truth that most standard Master of Ceremonies don’t want you to know.

Firstly most Master of Ceremonies have very little or virtually no experience in the entertainment industry, giving them very little stage presence. Stage presence is key to holding the listening of an audience and delivering material in a way that you keep everyone engaged.

Secondly, most Masters of Ceremonies have a limited ability to improvise and next to no event management skills. Both of these things are important because anything can happen during a live event. The power could cut, a speaker may forget his/her lines, another supplier could make a huge mistake that you never saw coming.

Unless your Master of Ceremonies has the confidence to go off-script and the experience to think of quick, on-the-spot solutions to problems that arise then your event may be at risk.

Please read the next bit to see how I’m different.

What I Do As A Master of Ceremonies and How Is That Different?

The best place to start to explain how I’m different from a standard Master of Ceremonies is by looking at my experience and linking this to some key points.

Entertainment & Comedy Experience

I’ve been a freelance TV presenter for Fox, Warner, Universal, I’ve been involved with several comedy projects and I’m very active on YouTube, with close to 3 million views.  I also run a separate entertainment business, where I take popular Game Show formats into corporate environments for entertainment purposes.

As a Master of Ceremonies, this experience gives me the ability to go off-script if I ever need to and if a filler for time is ever needed I can play a range of games with your guests to keep them entertained.

Business & Event Management Experience

I’ve built and sold 4 businesses, with my first business being an event management company. As a Master of Ceremonies, this enables me to keep a calm head under pressure and to come up with out-of-the-box solutions to any problems at an event if they were to arise.

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