Hiring the right Event Host for your event is critical with your event being successful and there are many things to consider other than hiring an Event Host who can dress well and read a script.

A great host can improvise, go off script, entertain the audience, adapt to different audiences and most importantly a great Event Host can hold the listening of the room, to get guests to listen to the content of what is being delivered.

If an Event Host sticks rigidly to the script and is unable to get people’s attention then he/she will fade into the background, as guests talk amongst themselves, while the main message of the evening gets swept under the carpet.

I work differently. I engage my audiences with light-hearted fun and humor. I make sure that I hold the listening of every event that I host and I add personality and improvise around any scripts, making  my delivery natural and engaging.

Give me a call today to find out what I can do for your event.


I go through a detailed consultation with every client before any event to make sure you get the service you’re looking for



Every client receives a well-balanced contract, protecting their terms and conditions for the booking. 


Apart from being an Event Host, my experience spans event management, comedy & entertainment. 


As an optional extra, I’m happy to help with the on-the-day management of the event, to ensure that it runs smoothly. 


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Previously Covered Events

I’ve covered many different types of events in the past as an event host. These include Award Ceremonies, Charity Balls, Charity Auctions, Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, Funerals, Birthday Parties, Store Openings, Outdoor Events, Marathons, Christmas Light Switch on events and many more besides. 

Business Experience

I’ve built and sold four businesses in the past. My first company was an Event Management business, my second was a photography agency, my third was a property business and my last one was a comedy publication called Comedy Feed.

My event management experience allows me to not only assist at any event to ensure that it runs smoothly, but I’m also happy to help with any crisis management if anything at the event goes wrong.

Entertainment Experience

Aside from my work as an Event Host I also perform as an entertainer through a Game Show hires business gameshowhire.co.uk. Through the company, I offer a range of games, which are themed around popular TV game shows.

This means that I can incorporate a range of games into my work as your Event Host to keep your guests entertained.

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