Event Facilitator

I’ll Host Your Event & Keep It Running On Time 

Client Focused Approach

Detailed Consultation With Every Client

When it comes to hiring an Event Facilitor for an event it can be a tricky balancing act to get right. 

You want someone who has the right amount of stage presence and you also want an actual Event Faciltor, who will faciltate your event. 

If you hire an Event Faciltor who doesn’t have stage presence then he/she can easily lose your audience, as they become disinterested or bored. If you hire someone who can handle the stage then your event might look good at first, but if things go out of time and are poorly managed then ulimately your guests can be left with the impression that the event is disorganised. 

I get this balance right. I’ll have a detailed consultation with you before the event to get clear on every aspect that you want me to manage, how you want it to be managed and how you’d like my presenting style to be. Before the event I’ll organise a virtual run-through with you, as well as a rehearsal on the day so you can rest assured that your event will go exactly to plan.