I'll Entertain Your Guests

Ranging from traditional quizzes, the wedding shoe game, through to full blown game shows. I’ll create games that your guests will remember for years to come.
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If your schedule runs ahead of time due to short speeches or quick eaters then you may be presented with long gaps in your schedule where nothing is planned to take place. You might also have guests who haven’t met each other before and an icebreaker of some sort is desperately needed. I can help.

At your request I’m more than happy to entertain wedding guests by playing a quick game. Games can not only entertain your guests but they can bring people together through team work and laughter. I’m happy to play a traditional game such as a quiz, something more risky  such as Russian Egg Roulette or I’m happy to play a full-blown game show with your guests as part of your evening entertainment . Feel free to get in touch today to find out what I can do for you and your wedding.

Quick Games

Traditional Games

Playing traditional wedding games with your guests will keep them entertained, engaged and will brighten up any moment. These games include pub style quizzes, Mr & Mrs quiz, improvised scavenger hunt and many more besides. Feel free to contact me by clicking here for the full list.

Quirky Games

If you want something different, bold and entertaining, I’ll be happy to arrange a more risky, quirky game for your wedding. Ranging from Russian Egg Roulette, through to a Man Vs Food hot wing challenge, you can count on me to come up with a game which your guests will remember for years to come.

Ice Breakers

Sometimes people struggle with introducing themselves to others that they haven’t met before and tend to stick around people they know in social situations. That’s why a game which is designed to be an ice breaker can make all the difference, as it puts your guests in situations where they have to meet and work with people that they haven’t met before.