What will you do?

The answer is plenty!! Including announcements, holding your suppliers to account, making sure everything runs according to a timetable, entertaining your guests and dealing with any emergency situations if they arise.
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Below you’ll find a few lists detailing the actions that I can take on as your Modern Wedding Toastmaster. Please note that these lists do not cover every action that I can do, nor are any of the points compulsory. I’m happy to add or remove points according to what’s required at my client’s request.

Below is a list of my key duties on the day


  • Before the wedding I’ll be happy to give you a range of tips and advise on every area of your wedding to support you make it the best day possible. 
  • On the day I’ll help the photographer and videographer to get the groups of people family members together so that the best photographs and videos are taken. This includes arranging confetti lines and whole group shots. 
  • I’ll call guests for reception and dinner and will make any other announcements as requested (cutting of the cake, first dance, welcome any evening guest)
  • I’ll announce the Bride, Groom and family members as they enter the room, escorting them to their table or the dance floor
  • I’ll introduce speeches and toasts, making sure that everyone speaking is clear to give their speech
  • I’ll use my previous event company experience to make sure that everything runs to time and dealing with anything that might happen occur behind the scenes on the day
  • I’ll manage photo booths, guest books and anything else that requires involvement from your guests
  • I’ll deal with any last minute emergencies and will offer my full support to resolve these emergencies on the day (such as a caterer or DJ not arriving)
  • I’ll act as an emergency runner between venues, taking items and people to different locations if needed. 
  • I’ll ensure that all suppliers on the day fully coordinated with each other, so that on the day everyone is working together as a team. 

Below is a list of my optional duties on the day


  • I’ll offer public speaking coaching to anyone nervous about their speech. 
  • I’ll play games with your guests (including kids) to keep them entertained throughout your wedding day. This can be done in small groups or to your whole wedding party.
  • I’ll shoot any video footage using my 4K camera on request, providing you with the raw, unedited files after the wedding.
  • I’ll encougarge your guests to use any other services at your wedding that you’ve booked to ensure that everyone gets the full benefit over what you’ve planned for the day. 
  • Supplier Back Up Plans
  • If your photographer and/or videographer doesn’t arrive I’ll use my 4K camera to act as your back-up photographer and/or videographer. I previously ran a photography agency, which I sold back in 2015. 
  • If your DJ doesn’t arrive then I’ll be happy to act as your back-up DJ/entertainer on the night. Plugging into the venue’s PA system I’ll play a range of music as well as play games with your guests. This will incur an additional charge on the day, if required.
  • I have several plans that I carry with me which deal with a range of other last minute emergencies (catering, flowers etc) and will offer my full support to resolve these emergencies on the day. 

My Main Goal

My main goal for the day is to ensure that your wedding is completely stress free for you and your guests so you can fully enjoy what is meant to be the best day of your life.