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Hiring a Conference Host for an all-day event is very different to hiring an Event Host for the evening. As well as having good stage presense a Conference Host must be excellent at stage management, great interviewing skills and be able to manage speakers and their allotted time throughout the day. 

Booking a Conference Host without this experience can lead to the event over-running, Q&A opportunties being wasted and speakers having a clumsy start as they figure out how to get to the stage. 

I have the experience as a conference host to make your event a success. I’ll work closely with you to ensure your event runs to time. My experience with interviewing business leaders, actors, actresses and musicians will make for an engaging Q&A and I’ll guide your speakers to the stage for seamless transistions. 

Give me a call today on 07596 851647 to find out what I can do for your event. 


Live Q&As

Live Q&As are often an essential part of any conference and provide an excellent opportunity for a speaker to share more about their achievements, motivational talk and for the guests to ask questions as well. 

A great Conference Host must be prepared with their own  questions, but more importantly the Conference Host but be prepared to listen. I’ve been to many events as a guest, where a great follow-up question was missed, because the host didn’t listen to the answer given by the interviewee. 

I listen to the people I interview, asking them questions which lead onto answers that forward the overall conversation. I also spend the time before every event to research the people that I’m going to interview, so I can fully engage with them and ask them questions that people want to know the answers to. 

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