Award Ceremony Host

Choose My Presenting Style, From Formal to Fun

Award Ceremonies are big occasions, which can take months of planning, this is why it’s important to choose an Award Ceremony Host who has the experience to make your event a success. 

Choosing an inexperienced host can have dire consequences, the names of nominees, winners and sponsors can be mispronounced, people can be poorly stage managed and worst of all the audience can lose interest, making the ceremony background noise to table conversations. 

I have the experience to make your Award Ceremony a success. I spend the time needed before every event to make sure that I pronounce every name clearly, I’ll manage everyone who joins me on stage and most importantly I’ll keep your audience engaged throughout the event. 

Feel free to give me a call today on 07596 851647 and let’s have a chat about what I can do for your awards event.